Tableside Guac

For many, myself included, Guacamole is the Holy Grail of appetizers! Every catering I’ve ever done where Guacamole is there, it’s the first thing to go.

There are several stipulations in making a superior Guacamole.

      1. Fresh ingredients is a must! Summer offers an abundance of fresh, available, and affordable seasonal produce.
      1. Have a good selection of ingredients:
        1. Ripe Avocados
        2. Limes
        3. Tomatoes
        4. Jalapenos
        5. Serrano Peppers
        6. Garlic
        7. Spring Onions (Scallions)
        8. White Onions
        9. Salt & Pepper
        10. Cumin
        11. Tortilla Chips

Make sure your Avocados are ripe: Ripe avocados are a bit darker in color and yields to a firm gentle pressure and will feel soft, but not mushy. If they are almost ripe, you can add a little olive or avocado oil when mashing them.

      1. Prep in advance! This is sooo important! Prepping in advance means more time spent with guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Have a good mix of selected items cut in very small dice sizes so one item is not overpowering. Store ingredients in clear deli containers (available at your local grocery store deli) until ready to use.

Just before your guests arrive: Place ingredients in appropriate size bowls and arrange in a manner that flows. Make it look nice and display in alternating colors. (see photo above)

Have small spoons (demitasse spoons) in each bowl. Now you’re ready to go!

You are a GuacMiester!  Make it to order for your guests. The nice thing about this setup, is that each participant (be it a couple, a table, etc.) can have custom made Guac exactly to their liking.

Tip: Mash the avocados with the lime juice before adding any other ingredients. Gently fold in the other ingredients. This way the veggies will still be vibrant and colorful.

Serve and enjoy. Don’t be surprised if people come back for more!