Saturday was my birthday and I checked off another thing on my list that I’ve always wanted to do, go to the Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival in Nederland, CO. Kinda odd I know, but I do like checking out the more unique things in life (or in this case, the frozen dead). Some guy back in 1989 was cryogenically frozen in hopes of being thawed out when a cure for his terminal heart condition was found. Through cryonics, he is resting at -60 degrees in a Tough Shed in relatives back yard ever since. An entire world-renowned Mardi Gras festival of sorts has been established around Grandpa. Festivities include: “Grampa’s in the Tough Shed” film showing, a Parade of Hearses, a chilly polar plunge in the lake, Frozen Turkey Bowlng and a Frozen T-shirt contest among others. I stayed for the parade and the polar plunge. (read the entire story at:

As always, I am thinking culinary and what hilariously morbid theme food and drinks I can come up with. So here goes:

Frozen Dead Guy Popsicles
Core Zero Strawberry Daiquiri
Rocky Mountain Oyster Ice Cream
Blueberry Shave Dry Ice
Polar Plunge Iced Sweet Pinecone Tea

The point I’m making is to have fun with food and make it adventuresome, awesome and a unique experience!


Chef Trusan

P.S. I can’t wait till Halloween!